COORN line Colection

Luxurious quilt with corn fiber filling.

The connection between nature and technology. Soft quilt, which provides natural and relaxating sleep. Outer fabric made of high quality 100% cotton satin, which is kind of noble silky weave. This makes the cotton satin a delicate, subtly shiny and wonderful smooth to the touch. Innovative filling, which is the blend of corn fiber and silicone properly regulates temperature and guarantees optimal air permeability. Ingeo corn fiber has excellent ability to absorb and drain the moisture also natural antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. COORN quilt is skin friendly and durable.



COTTON SATIN is a fabric made of 100% natural cotton. It is very elegant, breathable and skin friendly. Cotton satin excellent absorbs moisture and provides optimal air circulation, it is hypoallergenic, suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Interesting fact

The satin weave is obtained by using the unique weaving technique i.e. four threads over and one thread under (as opposed to the traditional one over, one under). That makes it extremely soft, smooth and subtly shiny.



100% renewable and biodegradable raw material. It is lightweight, soft and fluffy. Suitable among other things for making quilts fillings. Thermal insulating properties of corn fiber and the optimal air permeability make the quilt with corn filling can be used all year round. Its essential feature is keeping the original shape and resilience after repeated washing at high temperatures.


Interesting fact

PLA corn fiber (Polylactide) is formed from polymers of lactic acid obtained during fermentation of corn sugar. Lactic acid has a beneficial effect on the skin. Quilts with corn fiber filling are recommended for people who suffer from allergies also with sensitive skin.



The detail is important, so we care about the perfect finishing of each quilt.

Jacquard woven label – The quilts of ROZYNEK healthy dreams brand are labeled with jacquard woven label characterized by high quality, durability and excellent appearance. During the production process was used fine weaving technique. This type of labeling gives our quilts an individual and luxurious character, brings out the unique style of each collection, makes the brand recognizable.

Cardboard hang tag – it acts not just an important informational role, it is also an decorative element. The tag facilitates quick identification of the product. Added to it a satin ribbon, which refers to the colour of each collection.

Decorative trim – The edges of our quilts are finished with decorative trim. The trim is made of high quality cotton
fabric, available in three colours/patterns.




The quilts of ROZYNEK healthy dreams brand we pack in plastic bags and then we put it in solid, ecological cardboard boxes. Functionality, ecology and effective graphics are the key features that we have been guided by creating these unique packaging. Lightweight and handy, they protect the quilt from damage and dirt. They allow for optimal space management during transport, in the warehouse and in the store. Cardboard packaging is made of renewable raw material, therefore their production is without harm to natural resources of the Earth. Cardboard boxes can be recycled, they are also fully biodegradable.



Our quilts thanks to the use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship are characterized by durability and resistance to repeated washing in the wash machine. Compliance with our recommendations regarding the method of washing and care will ensure that these products will retain their functional values and aesthetic appearance for a long time. Improper washing and drying can damage the filling or even the quilt. Quilts should be washed every 3-4 months or at least twice a year. Maintenance and care instructions for our quilts are placed on woven labels and cardboards. Bleaching, drying, ironing and professional maintenance instructions are the same for all quilts. Due to the type of filling, only the washing temperature changes:

  • Merino line – 40°C
  • Sateen line – 60°C
  • COORN line – 60°C

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